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Barbacue LotusGrill

Barbecues are not just for summer. You will be the most original and innovative of your friends. You can reach the center of the table so that each guest cook and take care of his own meat, fish, vegetables ...

Attractive design. Easy to store in a closet due to its compact design and carrying bag. You can move with ease and comfort. Take it wherever you go, camping, at the beach, with friends, to the circuit, boat, travel by car, caravan ....

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LotusGrill NOT GENERATE SMOKE, and not disturb those around you.

Lights in just 3 minutes. Tweezers and brushes the same color as the barbecue. Or different colors for each guest.

Cold walls, the outer body does not burn due to air that circulates inside.

Economic, due to savings in coal consumption, with only 180gramos coal stove for an hour for 4.

Cleans, does ash. Clean with a simple cloth and is dishwasher safe.

You do not need a garden to make your barbecue. It is suitable for terraces and / or balconies however small. The LotusGrill coal smoke does what can be done even a barbecue indoors, for example in the kitchen or dining room.

Portable, handy and safe.


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