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Quality Policy

Statement of quality policy direction. Teamwork is the foundation of this direction to meet the needs and demands of our clients, staff available to the management has the necessary professional skills to provide delivery services with the required quality, and is also aware of its responsibility and the importance of their participation in the processes developed.

Our Quality Policy is based on the following commitments:

Commitment to comply with all agreements applicable to us because of our activity, both in terms of the performance of our processes and the scope of our activities so that our action in no case may contravene the requirements and specifications.

Commitment to carry out our work in a management environment that ensures continuous improvement in our processes, our methods of operation and in our relationships with stakeholders by establishing and regularly reviewing our quality objectives.

Commitment to effectively control all processes, with particular emphasis on: efficiency and effectiveness of our services and our customer relationships.

Commitment to customer satisfaction by providing quality services that meet the needs and expectations of customers as well as applicable laws and regulations. For that, we must know and analyze customer needs and adapt services company, offering an unbeatable deal on the care and customer service, transmitting confidence.

Commitment to make decisions based on objective data and evidence, as data quality in which decisions are based are: Customer Complaints, Customer Satisfaction, Internal Audits, etc..

Commitment to implement quality tools that ensure that all activities carried out within the scope of the company are conducted in accordance with the rules, procedures, instructions, getting the satisfaction of a CUSTOMERS who PRESAT should try and have appropriate technical resources for conducting inspections and tests with the optimum precision and accuracy.

Commitment have sufficient and necessary for the development of human resources services rendered, conducting internal and external staff training for qualified personnel in the services provided and to increase awareness and inform workers on the importance of their activities on the quality of the service and make them aware of the importance of their contribution to the process of generating ideas and innovation in the development of actions.

PRESAT SA is certified to ISO 9001:2008, with reference: SGI3202149 and approved by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance for LRE, sa

Quality certificate ISO 9001


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